Israeli court rules Kafka works to go to National Library

AP News
Posted: Jul 01, 2015 4:58 AM

JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli court has stripped an Israeli family of a collection of Franz Kafka manuscripts, ruling that they be transferred to the country's National Library.

The court decided that the family, in possession of a trove of unpublished Kafka works, must hand them over to the library. The library says it plans to post them online so that unknown Kafka stories may emerge.

The decision, made public in court documents released Wednesday, is the latest in a Kafkaesque courtroom saga. A lower court made the same ruling in 2012.

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Eva Hoffe received the manuscripts, among other works, from her mother, the secretary of Kafka confidant Max Brod, who kept and published Kafka's works after his death.

Hoffe's lawyer Eli Zohar says his client would like to appeal the decision.