Doctor: Polish boy found in freezing cold improves

AP News
Posted: Dec 03, 2014 10:31 AM

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A 2-year-old Polish boy who was found unconscious and outdoors in sub-freezing temperatures while wearing few clothes has been brought out of an induced coma and is improving, a doctor said Wednesday.

It isn't clear if the boy suffered any permanent brain damage, but he is moving his hands and legs, and sometimes opens his eyes, said Dr. Janusz Skalski, a heart surgeon at the Krakow children's hospital. The boy's internal organs seem to be working properly.

The boy — identified by police by his first name Adam — remains under a respirator and medication that is helping in the healing process, and his parents are with him, Skalski said.

"The child is improving," the doctor said. "We have no negative signs from him, but we will be sure that we have success when he starts to play with toys."

Adam's temperature was 12 degrees Celsius (54 Fahrenheit) and his heart was beating once every few dozen seconds when he was brought to the hospital on Sunday after apparently being outdoors for several hours. He was medically put into coma and attached to the respirator and to other machines that gradually raised his temperature to normal.

A police officer in southern Poland found the boy Sunday morning lying face down in leaves under a tree by a creek in the village of Raclawice, near Krakow. He was only wearing socks and a pajama top. The area's temperature had fallen to -7 C (19 F) overnight.

The boy was staying with his grandmother who says she didn't see him leave her home.

Polish media say she remains hospitalized in a state of shock.