Egypt's interim leader vows to protect nation

AP News
Posted: Jul 18, 2013 3:31 PM
Egypt's interim leader vows to protect nation

CAIRO (AP) — In his first address to the nation, Egypt's interim leader Adly Mansour says he will protect the country against those who seek chaos and violence.

In a pre-recorded message aired Thursday on state television, Mansour says Egypt is going through a decisive period in its history where some want to drag the country into the "unknown" and cause chaos.

He said: "They want this period to be an introduction to violence and we want it to establish for the concept of protecting lives and reaffirming human rights."

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Mansour said his government is committed to realizing security and stability.

Mansour's speech comes a day ahead of a massive rally by supporters of President Mohammed Morsi, overthrown in a coup two weeks ago. The military has warned against violence in Friday's protests.