Al-Ahram: Egypt's Mursi to resign or be sacked on Wednesday

Reuters News
Posted: Jul 03, 2013 2:58 AM
Al-Ahram: Egypt's Mursi to resign or be sacked on Wednesday

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's flagship state newspaper Al-Ahram said it expected President Mohamed Mursi would either step down or be removed from office on Wednesday when a deadline set by the army for resolving the country's political crisis expires.

But a military source denied reports in several local newspapers on details of the road map, describing them as "nothing but predictions". The source expected the next step would be to call political, social and economic figures to talks on the road map.

Al-Ahram said an army road map for the future would set up a three-member presidential council to be chaired by the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

"Al-Ahram learnt that with the end of the 48-hour period set by the armed forces ... it is expected in the hours that follow it, one of two things: either Mursi announces his resignation himself, or the declaration of his removal through the road map for the future set out by the armed forces," it said.

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Al-Ahram said the road map would set up a neutral transitional government to be headed by a military leader. The transitional period would last nine to 12 months in which a new constitution would be drafted to set out a path to presidential elections.

(Reporting by Shadia Nasrallah, Asma Alsharif, Shaimaa Fayed; Writing by Tom Perry; Editing by Alison Williams)