A list of Dutch monarchs

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Posted: Apr 30, 2013 3:12 AM
A list of Dutch monarchs

AMSTERDAM (AP) — Crown Prince Willem-Alexander will be inaugurated Tuesday as the Netherlands' first king since 1890 as his mother, Queen Beatrix, abdicates after a 33-year reign.

Here is a list of Dutch monarchs since Willem I was installed as first king of in 1815 followed by the years of their reign.

—King Willem I. 1815-1840.

—King Willem II. 1840-1849.

—King Willem III. 1849-1890.

—Willem III's widow, Queen Emma, acted as regent from his death to 1898, when their daughter Wilhelmina turned 18 and acceded the throne.

—Queen Wilhelmina. 1898-1948.

—Queen Juliana. 1948-1980.

—Queen Beatrix. 1980-2013.