Poles angered by Ukraine's graveside fashion shoot

AP News
Posted: Sep 20, 2012 10:52 AM
Poles angered by Ukraine's graveside fashion shoot

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Poland has protested a photo exhibition by a Ukrainian fashion magazine featuring models posing next to Polish graves.

The photographs showing women in provocative poses against a backdrop of crosses at a cemetery in the western city of Lviv were displayed at a museum last week.

Poland's Foreign Ministry said Thursday that its diplomats in Lviv protested "the impropriety of the exhibition, which could hurt feelings and provoke controversy" and had the exhibit closed.

Galina Tayan of the LZ online fashion magazine, which organized the photo session, said the photographs were meant to illustrate that even religious leaders can sin and not to offend anyone.

The head of the museum, Iryna Magdysh, said she regretted the decision to display the photos, saying "our freedom ends when another person's freedom begins."