1966 Indian plane wreckage found in Alpine glacier

AP News
Posted: Aug 31, 2012 7:44 AM

PARIS (AP) — As the Alpine glacier melted, a curious discovery emerged after decades beneath the ice: a plane wheel, a shoe — and an intact pouch of Indian diplomatic mail from 1966.

It all appears to be part of the wreckage from an Air India plane crash that hikers and a rescue worker found this week on the slopes beneath Mont Blanc.

Rescuer Arnaud Christmann said the hikers alerted the tourist office in Chamonix that they had seen something beneath a glacier that looked like a wheel. He went to investigate and found pieces of the plane and "a gift from the mountain," a bag containing Indian and English newspapers from 1966 and other documents, labeled "diplomatic mail."

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The Indian Embassy in Paris confirmed the discovery but gave no details.