Man fatally shot during protest in Colombia

AP News
Posted: Jul 20, 2012 2:00 PM
Man fatally shot during protest in Colombia

TORIBIO, Colombia (AP) — A farmer has been shot and killed during a protest against the presence of soldiers in the country's turbulent Cauca region.

Colombian officials say 28-year-old Mauricio Largo was killed Thursday as Nasa Indians and other locals clashed with riot police in a rural area of the municipality of Caloto.

Residents are demanding that the military and leftist rebels leave the southwestern region. They say they are tired of being caught in the crossfire of Colombia's long-running conflict.

Caloto security official Jesus Arbey Martinez said Friday the Caloto protesters are demanding that a group of about 500 soldiers encamped in the area move away.

Their demands align with those of the 115,000-strong Nasa tribe, whose members forcibly removed soldiers from a strategic hilltop earlier this week.