German divers recover Stuka bomber's radiator

AP News
Posted: Jun 12, 2012 10:59 AM
German divers recover Stuka bomber's radiator

A German Military Historical Museum spokesman says divers are making good progress on bringing up the wreck of a German World War II Stuka dive bomber from the floor of the Baltic Sea.

Capt. Sebastian Bangert says the military divers brought up the plane's radiator Tuesday, following the recovery of the engine over the weekend. Experts had initially thought the plane was likely a JU87D model, but now are almost certain it's the later JU87G based on the radiator.

There are only two known complete Stukas _ on display at museums in London and Chicago _ as well as pieces of crashed Stukas elsewhere.

Divers are now working to bring up a large fuselage piece from the cockpit area, including the entire right wing and part of the left.