Kashmir revisits '95 case of foreigners' abduction

AP News
Posted: Apr 17, 2012 8:17 AM
Kashmir revisits '95 case of foreigners' abduction

A state human rights body in Indian-controlled Kashmir is reviewing records from the 1995 kidnapping of six foreigners as a new book alleges that Indian intelligence agents were involved in the crime.

The six tourists had been trekking in a Himalayan meadow when they were kidnapped by a militant group called Al-Faran. One American escaped, but a Norwegian was found dead and the four others were never found.

India said the militants were backed by Pakistan.

But the book "The Meadow: Kashmir 1995 _ Where the Terror Began" suggests India prolonged the crisis to damage Pakistan's reputation and hired different militants to take hostages before they were killed.

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Kashmir's State Human Rights Commission said Tuesday it will discuss its findings May 28.