Jamaica police detain 22 in lottery scam probe

AP News
Posted: Mar 11, 2012 4:25 PM
Jamaica police detain 22 in lottery scam probe

Police in Jamaica have detained nearly two dozen people they allege are involved in a multimillion-dollar lottery scam.

Investigators arrested 22 people after raiding eight homes in the northwestern parish of St. James, which includes the resort city of Montego Bay. Many of Jamaica's proliferating lottery scams are based in St. James.

Police said in a statement Sunday that the suspects are being questioned and have not been charged. They also seized $800,000, several computers and 16 cars.

In recent years, Jamaican scam artists have made the island a center for lottery schemes. The fraudsters mostly cheat Americans out of millions by requesting they send money to claim winnings from a fake lottery.