Iran: Nuclear facilities immune to cyber attack

AP News
Posted: Feb 13, 2012 8:05 AM
Iran: Nuclear facilities immune to cyber attack

A senior Iranian military official has claimed the country's nuclear facilities are immune to cyber attack.

Gholam Reza Jalali, who heads an Iranian military unit in charge of combatting sabotage, was quoted Monday by the official IRNA news agency as saying that Iran and its nuclear facilities possess the technology and knowledge to deal with malicious software.

He did not specify what steps have been taken since 2010, when a virus known as Stuxnet disrupted controls of some nuclear centrifuges. Tehran says its scientists neutralized the malware before it caused serious damage.

Iran has reported other cyber attacks since, including an infection in April 2011 dubbed "Stars." Jalali said that Iran also fought a spy virus called "Doku," without providing details.