Mexico: 5 slain police tried to extort suspects

AP News
Posted: Jan 25, 2012 11:20 PM
Mexico: 5 slain police tried to extort suspects

Mexican authorities say five police officers fatally shot near Mexico City after stopping a car were trying to extort money when they were attacked.

Mexico State prosecutor Alfredo Castillo says the officers from the town of Ixtapaluca (Itz-tah-pah-lu-ca) asked the four La Familia Michoacana cartel members in the vehicle for 6,000 pesos (about $460) to let them go.

Castillo quotes one of the four as saying they told the officers they had only 2,000 pesos and would have to get the rest from friends. He says the suspects then sent a text message asking to be rescued. Several gunmen arrived and opened fire.

Castillo said Wednesday that one of the men in the car was killed and another is hospitalized with a head wound.