UN chief urges Hezbollah disarmament

AP News
Posted: Jan 13, 2012 1:50 PM
UN chief urges Hezbollah disarmament

The U.N. Secretary General says he is "deeply concerned" about the military capacity of the Lebanese Hezbollah militant group and lack of progress in its disarmament.

Ban Ki-moon says the presence of any weapons outside Lebanese state authority is "not acceptable."

The U.N. chief was speaking at a press conference in Beirut where he arrived Friday.

He urged Lebanese officials to resume a national dialogue to discuss the Iranian-backed group's weapons that are outside government control.

Hezbollah's weapons are a contentious issue in Lebanon. The group says it needs to maintain its powerful arsenal to ward off any threat from Israel but the weapons also make it the most potent military force in Lebanon _ stronger than even the national army.