Egypt marking uprising start date as holiday

AP News
Posted: Jan 11, 2012 11:49 AM
Egypt marking uprising start date as holiday

Egypt's military ruler has declared the date of the start of the popular uprising that toppled longtime leader Hosni Mubarak as a national holiday.

Thousands of Egyptians took to the streets Jan. 25 last year to demand an end to Mubarak's near 30 year-rule, as well as reforms, freedoms and an end to corruption.

State media announced the decision Wednesday by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, whose military council took power after the 18-day uprising.

The beginning of the revolt coincided with a holiday honoring Mubarak's widely-hated police force.

Activists are calling for renewed protests Jan. 25 against the military rulers, accusing them of perpetuating Mubarak's repressive tactics. At least 100 protesters have died in clashes with security forces since Mubarak's ouster.