Man banned from owning dog after puppy gets drunk

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Posted: Jan 04, 2012 4:17 PM
Man banned from owning dog after puppy gets drunk

A British court has barred a man from having a dog for three years after his Labrador puppy was discovered drunk.

Matthew Cox had been drinking vodka and coke with his roommate on Aug. 22 when he left his glass on the floor to go for a smoke.

He returned to find that his 6-month-old dog, Max, had swallowed the booze. But he left the animal at home, and prosecutor Maria Moore told Nottingham Magistrate's Court in central England that the puppy was later spotted staggering and falling over near Cox's home.

Police were called and took the dog to an emergency vet, where it was put on a drip to flush the alcohol out of its system.

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Magistrate J. A. Smith on Wednesday called the incident "downright stupid."

The puppy has since been given a new home.