Iraq: Key figures since the war began

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Posted: Dec 18, 2011 1:30 AM
Iraq: Key figures since the war began


_U.S. deaths as of Dec. 15, 2011: 4,487, according to the Pentagon.

_Confirmed U.S. military wounded (hostile) as of Nov. 29, 2011: 31,921.

_Confirmed U.S. military wounded (non-hostile, using medical air transport) as of Oct. 31, 2011: 40,350

_Deaths of civilian employees of U.S. government contractors as of Sept. 30, 2011: More than 2,097.

_Iraqi deaths as of Nov. 30, 2011 from war-related violence, according to Iraq Body Count: At least 103,775.

_Assassinated Iraqi academics as of Aug. 25, 2011: 464.

_Journalists killed on assignment as of Nov. 30, 2011: 174.


_More than $805 billion as of Nov. 30, 2011, according to the National Priorities Project.


_October 2007: U.S. troop levels reach 170,000 at peak of buildup, with total international troop strength at 182,000.

_July 2009: International troop levels in Iraq drop to 135,000.

_October 2011: U.S. troop strength at 39,000.


_Countries responsible for leading operations in three of seven security sectors in Iraq as of May 2007: Britain, Poland and South Korea.

_Countries providing troops as of May 2007: 25.

_Coalition countries who left Iraq in 2009: 6

SIZE OF IRAQI SECURITY FORCES (includes police, national guard, armed forces and border patrol):

_May 2003: Roughly 7,000-9,000

_March 2011: 670,000


_Prewar: 2.58 million barrels per day.

_July 29, 2011: 2.37 million barrels per day.


_Prewar nationwide: 3,958 megawatts. Hours per day (estimated): 4-8.

_July 29, 2011: Nationwide: 6,990 megawatts. Hours per day: not available.


_Prewar cell phones: 80,000.

_October 2011: An estimated 23 million, served by three carriers.


Prewar: 12.9 million people had potable water.

Sept. 22, 2011: Approximately 24 million people have potable water (majority in urban areas).


_Prewar: 6.2 million people served.

_Sept. 22, 2011: Approximately 20 million people served (majority in urban areas).


_Prewar: 1,021,962.

_August 2011: Approximately 1.3 million people are currently displaced inside Iraq.


_Prewar: 500,000 Iraqis living abroad.

_July 2011: Approximately 1 million Iraqis, mainly in Syria and Jordan.


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