Dutch F-16 pilot jailed 5 years in spy case

AP News
Posted: Dec 14, 2011 11:45 AM
Dutch F-16 pilot jailed 5 years in spy case

A Dutch court has sentenced a former F-16 pilot to five years in prison for trying to sell confidential documents to the Russian government for euro500,000 ($670,000).

The district court in The Hague said the man, identified under Dutch privacy laws as 37-year-old Chris V., had taken preparatory steps, including collecting information and contacting the Russian Embassy.

Wednesday's ruling noted that many specifications of the F-16 are public knowledge, but "the defendant had confidential information of a sensitive nature that the Russian Federation could be interested in," possibly for Russian companies that sell defense systems.

The man was described as a 13-year veteran of the Dutch air force who quit in 2010 after serving in Afghanistan.