A sampler of dishes from "Starvation Recipes"

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Posted: Dec 06, 2011 9:45 AM
A sampler of dishes from "Starvation Recipes"


This dish from Eleni Nikolaidou's "Starvation Recipes" calls for boiling bulgur wheat until tender and mixing with grated onion, parsley, spices, and egg. Gelatin sheets can be used for binding if no egg is available. The wheat is rolled in flour or breacrumbs and fried in olive oil.



Slices of cabbage are set in a single layer on a greased tray and chestnuts grated over the top. Finely chopped parsley and mint are added along with a drizzle of olive oil; the mixture is baked in a medium-heat oven until browned. The chestnuts can also be mashed or pureed.