Seychelles appeals for more anti-piracy measures

AP News
Posted: Dec 05, 2011 8:15 AM
Seychelles appeals for more anti-piracy measures

The president of Seychelles is asking world leaders to address insecurity in Somalia with greater urgency to help lower the number of pirate attacks in the southern Indian Ocean.

President James Michel said Monday that even though fewer pirate attacks are now successful, the southern Indian Ocean has seen an increase in attacks. He said pirates are now better armed and resorting to "more desperate measures."

Michel asked in letters to President Barack Obama and European and world leaders for increased support for African Union peacekeepers in Somalia. He also asked for targeted raids on criminal and terror groups in Somalia.

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Seychelles' high-end tourism industry has not been harmed by piracy but the nation has seen a 4 percent drop in GDP because of piracy. Yacht tourism has dropped and the island's shipping prices have risen dramatically.