Poland PM favors change of EU Treaty

AP News
Posted: Dec 01, 2011 10:10 AM
Poland PM favors change of EU Treaty

Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Thursday he is in favor of a swift change to the European Union Treaty to allow for greater financial security and integration on the continent.

Tusk said changes should be made to allow "efficient management in the euro zone" and to strengthen those forces that are working to consolidate the continent at a time when it is facing a major financial crisis.

He said Poland was ready to actively contribute to the efforts of saving the euro zone, because the efforts "will also serve Poland."

He said Poland's good economic performance could be ruined if Europe doesn't find enough strength to prevent the disintegration of the euro zone _ "if Europe does not find enough strength to break this chain of seeming activity and inaction masked by hundreds of summit and middle-level meetings that bring no satisfying solution."

He said he would like Poland and other non-euro zone countries to be allowed a say in efforts aimed at ensuring security in the common currency area.

Tusk said an implosion of the euro zone would also have a negative effect on Poland, which has not yet set a date for adopting the currency.