Latest developments in Arab world's unrest

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Posted: Nov 26, 2011 3:12 PM
Latest developments in Arab world's unrest



Egyptian security forces clash with protesters camped outside the Cabinet building, leaving one man dead, as tensions rise two days ahead of parliamentary elections being held despite mass demonstrations against military rule.

Also, Egyptian state TV says Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, the head of the ruling military council that took over the government after Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February, meets separately with opposition leader and Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei and presidential hopeful Amr Moussa, who was the former head of the Arab League.



Syria buries 22 members of the armed forces, including six elite pilots, as the government reinforces its message that the 8-month-old revolt against President Bashar Assad is the work of terrorists and foreign agents, not patriotic Syrians seeking reform.

Also, an Arab League committee agrees on a draft of recommended sanctions against Syria, including halting cooperation with the nation's central bank and halting flights to the country. The 22-nation body will vote on the recommendations Sunday in Cairo.

Activists say at least 13 civilians are killed, 12 of them in the flashpoint Homs province. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 10 soldiers were killed in overnight clashes with defectors in the country's east.



An Islamist party is set to get first crack at forming the next government after winning the largest bloc of seats in parliamentary elections.

With about two-thirds of all results in, the Justice and Development Party has taken 80 seats out of 282 so far announced. A total of 395 seats were up for grabs in the nationwide vote a day earlier.

Barring a massive upset, the PJD _ known by its French initials _ will be the largest party in the new parliament and charged with forming a new government _ making another Islamist victory in an election brought about by the Arab Spring.

The second place finisher, Istiqlal, was far behind with 45 seats.



Yemen's vice president calls for a presidential vote to be held on Feb. 21 in line with a power-sharing deal aimed at ending the country's nine-month political crisis.

Yemen's SABA state news agency says Vice President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has issued a decree setting the date for the vote after Saleh authorized "the vice president the constitutional authorities to carry out dialogue with the parties that signed the Gulf initiative."

It says no party has the right to annul or change this decree.