Lebanese politicians fight over Syria on live TV

AP News
Posted: Nov 15, 2011 2:15 AM
Lebanese politicians fight over Syria on live TV

Two prominent Lebanese politicians debating the unrest in neighboring Syria have exchanged blows on live television, in an indication of the deep divide between Lebanese factions over their relationship with Damascus.

Pro and anti-Syrian regime demonstrations are common in Lebanon, whose politics have long been heavily influenced by Damascus, now facing increasing isolation over its bloody crackdown on protestors.

The fight late Monday night broke out in a debate between anti-Syrian former legislator Mustafa Alloush and the head of the Lebanese branch of Syria's ruling Baath party Fayez Shukur.

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Alloush called Syrian President Bashar Assad a liar, at which point the two politicians traded insults and hurled glasses of water at each other. The pro-Syrian Shukur then picked up a chair and tried to hit Alloush with it.