Family: 5 jailed UAE activists on hunger strike

AP News
Posted: Nov 14, 2011 10:08 AM
Family: 5 jailed UAE activists on hunger strike

The wife of a jailed activist on trial for advocating political change in the United Arab Emirates says her husband and four co-defendants have gone on hunger strike.

Waedad Belaila al-Muheiri says her husband, a lecturer at Paris' Sorbonne university in Abu Dhabi, and the others have been refusing food since Sunday.

The activists are charged with insulting UAE rulers and endangering national security. They were arrested in April after they signed an internet petition calling for reform in the oil-rich Gulf federation.

Al-Muheiri said her husband told her of the hunger strike during a prison visit Monday. She said the five hoped their "voices saying, 'we are not guilty of any crime'" will be heard by way of the strike.

A verdict in the case is expected Nov. 27.