Police force installed near 2016 Olympic venue

AP News
Posted: Nov 03, 2011 12:54 PM
Police force installed near 2016 Olympic venue

A permanent police force was installed Thursday in a large slum near the stadium that will host the final matches of the 2014 World Cup and the opening of the 2016 Olympics, police said.

The post inaugurated in the Mangueira slum is the 18th such unit created in the city since 2008, when officials launched a program that aims to improve security before Rio de Janeiro hosts the two big sporting events.

Rio state's public safety department said in a statement that 35,000 people will be served by a unit of 400 officers, 300 of whom graduated last week from the police academy.

With the Mangueira post installed, all the slums that surround the stadium now have a police presence.

Under the policing program, elite units head into violent slums first to push out heavily armed drug gangs that, in many cases, have controlled the shantytowns for decades.

Once security is established, officers trained in community policing move in, and city officials work to install basic services that many of the slums have never received, such as sewage, legal power and cable hookups, and trash collection.