Bolivian Indian protesters set up camp at palace

AP News
Posted: Oct 20, 2011 5:09 PM
Bolivian Indian protesters set up camp at palace

Indians who marched to La Paz to demand President Evo Morales halt plans to build a highway through their Amazon jungle preserve have set up camp in front of the presidential palace to press their cause.

About 100 have erected tents in Plaza Murillo in front of the palace. Others are camped out elsewhere in the capital. More than 1,000 arrived Wednesday after a two-month trek that included a failed police attempt to break up the protest march.

Protest leaders are demanding to meet with Morales and vowed Thursday not to leave until he agrees to scrap the highway.

The marchers are lowlands Indians unaccustomed to the 11,900-foot (3,640-meter) altitude of La Paz. Some have fallen ill with altitude sickness and are being treated in hospitals.