Romania approves draft law on US missile shield

AP News
Posted: Oct 19, 2011 9:27 AM
Romania approves draft law on US missile shield

Romania's government has approved a draft law that permits the building of an anti-ballistic interceptor site in the country as part of a U.S. missile shield.

Romania and the U.S. signed an accord in September to install interceptors at Deveselu former air base near Romania's border with Bulgaria.

The government on Wednesday approved the law, which must now be voted by Parliament this year.

The Romanian site is part two of a four-part plan that the Obama administration outlined in 2009.

The plan, opposed by Russia, is designed to counter the threat of short-to-medium-range missiles. The Obama administration said its plan would be more effective and able to counter a threat from Iran earlier than the Bush-era proposal to use long-range interceptors based in Poland.