U.S. names Greek "Fire Cells" group to terror list

Reuters News
Posted: Oct 13, 2011 10:14 AM
U.S. names Greek "Fire Cells" group to terror list

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Thursday added a Greek anarchist group to its terror blacklist, saying the group had attempted to spread its "violent anarchist ideology" through a campaign of firebomb attacks.

The State Department said the group, known as the Conspiracy of Fire Cells, was responsible for a wave of attacks targeting civilians and government officials in Greece and elsewhere.

"The government of Greece has made important strides in countering the threat posed by (this group) and other terrorist organizations based in Greece," the State Department said in its advisory on the new designation, which bars U.S. citizens from providing support to the group and freezes any assets it may have in the United States.

"Today's designation complements the efforts of Greek authorities dealing with the threat posed by anarchists."

A Greek judge in July sentenced six people to prison for belonging to the Fire Cells group, which also claimed a wave of parcel bombs against embassies and foreign governments abroad last November.

Greece has a decades-old history of leftist violence but some groups became more active after riots in 2008 that were sparked by the police killing of a teenager. The Cells initially specialized in arson attacks but turned to bombings in May 2009.

(Reporting by Andrew Quinn; Editing by Vicki Allen)