Tuareg rebel: Fighters from Libya are organizing

AP News
Posted: Oct 11, 2011 2:09 PM
Tuareg rebel: Fighters from Libya are organizing

The spokesman for a hardline Tuareg rebel group in Mali says that his group is working with Tuareg fighters recently returned from Libya, and they are organizing for a possible rebellion.

Hama Ag Sid'Ahmed, spokesman for the North of Mali Tuareg Movement, told The Associated Press in an interview by satellite phone Tuesday that his group was holding meetings with the Tuaregs who just returned from Libya. He said there were discussions going on about a "common position."

He said: "We are preparing ourselves both on a political and a military level."

Moammar Gadhafi counted the nomadic Tuaregs as among his most ardent supporters. Since his fall they have streamed across the border into Mali as well as neighboring Niger.