Recent suicide attacks by Somali militants

AP News
Posted: Oct 06, 2011 8:49 AM
Recent suicide attacks by Somali militants

Recent attacks claimed by or blamed on the al-Qaida-linked group known as al-Shabab:

_ Oct. 4: Militants detonate a truck bomb in front of the education ministry in Mogadishu, killing more than 100 people and wounding dozens. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack.

_ June 10: An explosion kills Somalia's interior minister at his home. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility, saying the minister was "an obstacle" to the group toppling Somalia's struggling government.

_ Feb 21: A suicide bombing at a police station in Mogadishu kills at least eight people and wounds 35. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility.

_ Sept 9, 2010: A car bomb outside the gates of Mogadishu's airport kills at least nine people. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility and said the attack was aimed at a high-level meeting of U.N., African Union and Somali officials at the airport.

_ August 24, 2010: An attack on a hotel in Mogadishu kills 32 people, including several parliamentarians. Gunmen in Somali military uniforms accompanied a suicide bomber on the attack. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility.

_ July 11, 2010: A double suicide bombing in Uganda's capital kills 76 people watching the World Cup final on television. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility and said it was retaliation for Ugandan peacekeepers' presence in Somalia.

_ May 1, 2010: Two explosions inside a small mosque in Mogadishu's main market kill at least 30 people. Al-Shabab officials did not claim responsibility and blamed "foreign security companies," but offered no proof.

_ Dec. 3, 2009: A suicide bombing at a university graduation ceremony in Mogadishu kills 24 people, including three government ministers, medical students and doctors. The government blamed al-Shabab, but the group denied responsibility.

_ Sept. 17, 2009: A double suicide bombing at an African Union peacekeeping base in Mogadishu kills 21 people, mostly peacekeepers. Al-Shabab said the bombing was in retaliation for a U.S. raid days earlier that killed an al-Qaida operative in southern Somalia.

_ June 18, 2009: A suicide attack in Somalia's west kills the national security minister and at least 24 others. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility.

_ Feb. 22, 2009: A suicide attack on an African Union peacekeeping base in the capital kills 11 Burundian soldiers. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility.