Chinese dissident establishes web school

AP News
Posted: Oct 01, 2011 5:43 AM

A prominent Chinese dissident has established a school on the Internet to educate young Chinese on democracy, hoping they may one day help institute political changes in China.

At an opening ceremony in Taipei on Saturday, Wang Dan said the "New School for Democracy" will invite leading political scientists to give lectures and engage in "preparatory work for China's democracy."

Wang said Chinese authorities no doubt will block access to the school on the mainland, but he believed the facility can reach out to the tens of thousands of Chinese studying abroad.

The political changes sweeping the Arab world "have proved that social media and the Internet will be an important medium for democratization," Wang said.

Wang was among a number of student leaders behind the 1989 democracy movement in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. Following a bloody crackdown on the movement, he went into exile and has since been banned from returning to China.

"The Chinese Communists have full control over the country's political and economic resources," the New School for Democracy said on its website.

"China's road to democracy will be long and difficult," it said.

Wang currently lives in Taiwan, and has taught political science at National Tsing Hua University.



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