Congo militants release boat with 100 aboard

AP News
Posted: Sep 27, 2011 12:45 PM
Congo militants release boat with 100 aboard

An official in eastern Congo says militants have released a boat and about 100 hostages aboard.

Victor Chomachoma said Tuesday that the vessel was freed after a ransom was paid to the militants.

It was not immediately known how much money was paid, though other officials said the militants only took equipment from the boat.

Armed fighters seized the vessel carrying military families Sunday on Lake Tanganyika near the border with Burundi and Tanzania.

Chomachoma said a Congolese militia group known as the Mai-Mai was blamed for a similar attack earlier this month.

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Eastern Congo remains mired in fighting after back-to-back civil wars ravaged the Central African group. The region is home to a myriad of armed groups who kidnap and terrorize civilians.