Russian nuclear submarine hit by fishing trawler

AP News
Posted: Sep 22, 2011 11:48 AM
Russian nuclear submarine hit by fishing trawler

The Russian navy says that one of its nuclear submarines has been hit by a fishing trawler and suffered minor damage.

The Interfax news agency quoted Pacific Fleet spokesman Roman Martov as saying that the collision occurred Wednesday in the Avachino Bay on the fareastern Kamchatka Peninsula.

Martov said Thursday that the incident caused no injuries and inflicted only "insignificant" damage to the anchored submarine. Interfax quoted the navy as saying that there was no radiation leak.

Martov said the submarine's crew had seen the approaching trawler and tried to warn it of the imminent collision, but the vessel ignored the signals. Interfax reported that a navy inspection team checked the trawler and found all of its crew drunk.

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The Russian Defense Ministry had no immediate comment.