Blasts hit two Yemeni security offices in southern city

Reuters News
Posted: Sep 14, 2011 6:25 PM
Blasts hit two Yemeni security offices in southern city

ADEN (Reuters) - Two explosions in Yemen's southern city of Aden, around ten minutes apart, hit the intelligence headquarters and a police base early on Thursday, but did not cause much damage, a local security official said.

Witnesses said one young boy was shot dead when security forces responded with heavy gunfire. The official said no security personnel were hurt by the explosions.

He said the blasts were likely caused by explosive devices that did not manage to penetrate the perimeter walls of the two buildings, which stand around 400 meters (yards) apart.

He confirmed the death of one boy and said several people were wounded when security forces briefly opened fire.

The blasts took place days after Yemen's army announced it had recaptured the capital of the neighboring province of Abyan, where militants linked to al Qaeda have mounted a rising challenge to government control.

Militants began capturing several areas in Abyan in May, but the army launched an offensive two months ago to regain territory. Tens of thousands have fled the violence.

There have been several attacks on Yemeni security forces around Aden since the army began to fight the militants. The government blamed most of the attacks on suspected al Qaeda operatives.

(Reporting by Dhuyazen Mukhashaf; Writing by Erika Solomon)