Nuke agency's safety plan irks Germany, others

AP News
Posted: Sep 12, 2011 2:57 PM

A post-Fukushima nuclear safety plan is putting the U.S. on the same side with Russia and China and at odds with Western nations that are usually its allies.

Ruediger Luedking, Germany's chief IAEA representative, told the nuclear watchdog's 35-nation board Monday that the plan "does not fully meet our expectations."

A diplomat from another IAEA member state familiar with the issue says several other EU states as well as Canada and Australia are also critical of the plan's lack of teeth.

He says Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Argentina were chief opponents of giving the IAEA more authority to police nuclear safety. But the U.S. was also comfortable with the lack of enforcement powers.

The diplomat asked for anonymity because his information was confidential.