Ex-Honduran President supporter shot to death

AP News
Posted: Sep 07, 2011 10:08 PM
Ex-Honduran President supporter shot to death

Authorities in Honduras say a fervent supporter of former President Manuel Zelaya has been shot to death.

Firefighters say Mahadeo Roopchand Sadloo was shot five times Wednesday inside the tire shop he owned.

Roopchand Sadloo was a naturalized Honduran citizen from India and he often led protests by the National Popular Resistance Front. The group of Zelaya supporters formed after the president was deposed in a June 2009 coup.

Front leader Juan Barahona says that more than 200 members of the movement have been killed since the coup and that none of the cases have been solved.

A truth commission found that at least 20 Zelaya supporters were killed by security forces.