Congo police fire tear gas at opposition protests

AP News
Posted: Sep 01, 2011 12:17 PM
Congo police fire tear gas at opposition protests

Police fired tear gas at hundreds of stone-throwing opposition supporters demonstrating in Congo's capital against alleged fraud in the run up to November elections.

Jacquemain Shabani, the opposition party's secretary-general, said Thursday that they want an audit of the electoral register, alleging there was fraud during enrollment. The National Electoral Commission denies the allegations.

Congo's police inspector general Charles Bisengimana said two police officers were injured and two demonstrators were arrested. The streets were calm outside the commission's headquarters by the evening.

The commission has enrolled more than 32 million voters for Congo's pivotal elections.

President Joseph Kabila, who is running for re-election, took office in 2001 and was later elected in 2006 in the country's first democratic election.