China: Attacks thwarted in Xinjiang, details few

AP News
Posted: Aug 31, 2011 11:00 PM
China: Attacks thwarted in Xinjiang, details few

A top official in China's turbulent Xinjiang region says security forces have defused a number of threats to public safety in recent weeks but is providing few details.

Zhu Hailun says terrorists, separatists and religious extremists have been plotting to sabotage a Central Asian trade fair that opens in the regional capital Urumqi on Thursday.

However, he mentioned only one case, that of a man who attempted to take a knife on board a flight departing from Urumqi airport. He says the man is being held on suspicion of planning to carry out an attack during the flight.

Already smothering security has been ramped up further for the fair, with SWAT units deployed and a low-altitude no-fly zone declared over the city that even bans racing pigeons.