Ex-Mexico prez suggests truce with drug cartels

AP News
Posted: Aug 26, 2011 5:04 PM
Ex-Mexico prez suggests truce with drug cartels

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox says maybe it's time to consider a truce with drug traffickers and even an amnesty for them as a way to stop violence in Mexico.

Fox says authorities "at the highest level" should also consider legalizing drugs.

The former president, however, says "exemplary measures" must be taken against the attackers who set a casino on fire and killed 52 people in Monterrey.

His comments Friday go against President Felipe Calderon's strategy of sending troops and federal police to confront drug traffickers.

Fox was criticized for his anti-drug strategy, which focused on arresting top drug lords. His critics say the approach created a power vacuum that led to a spiral of violence between rival gangs.