German far-right party slammed for election poster

AP News
Posted: Aug 17, 2011 11:46 AM
German far-right party slammed for election poster

A German far-right party is drawing criticism for its regional election posters with the slogan "step on the gas" _ picturing their leader on a motorcycle apparently revving the engine.

Martin Salm, head of the foundation that oversaw German compensation for Nazi-era slave laborers, said the signs appeared outside Berlin's Jewish Museum Wednesday.

Given the Nazis' use of gas chambers in the murder of 6 million Jews, Salm says the slogan is "disgusting, provocative and intolerable."

But National Democratic Party leader Udo Voigt was quoted in Der Spiegel magazine saying that most people shown the poster saw no negative connotations and that "after 66 years you have to stop worrying about things from the past."

The party has no seats in Berlin's state legislature and isn't expect to win any in a September election.