Police surround Uganda opposition leader's home

AP News
Posted: Aug 15, 2011 6:56 AM
Police surround Uganda opposition leader's home

A Ugandan official says heavily armed police have surrounded the home of an opposition leader who last week led a protest march that police dispersed with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Opposition party official Anne Mugisha said Monday she did not know why Kizza Besigye's home was surrounded. Several roadblocks were seen near his home.

She said Besigye left Monday morning for his Kampala office.

Deputy police spokesman Vincent Sekate says police are also deployed in other parts of the country.

Besigye was acquitted Tuesday of charges resulting from the "walk to work" protests he led in March and April that were among the most serious anti-government demonstrations in sub-Saharan Africa this year. Human Rights Watch said police killed nine people during the marches.