Youth leader detained in Senegal

AP News
Posted: Jul 25, 2011 8:19 PM
Youth leader detained in Senegal

Police have detained a member of a rap group which has been a leading force behind mass protests calling for the resignation of Senegal's aging president.

A spokesman for Y An A Marre _ the group whose name means "We've had it" _ said the rapper who goes by the single name Thiat was taken by police on Monday night.

Fadel Barro, the spokesman, said that "at the moment Thiat was arrested, he was not suffering from any illness." He called on the Division of Criminal Investigations to release him unharmed.

Police refused to comment on the matter. Thiat was one of the most outspoken speakers at an anti-government protest on Saturday. He called for the resignation of President Abdoulaye Wade, saying voters do not want "a president that is a liar."