Delta Airlines Belize flight searched after threat

AP News
Posted: Jul 25, 2011 5:59 PM
Delta Airlines Belize flight searched after threat

A Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta, Georgia, to Belize was searched by a police bomb squad at Belize's Philip Goldson International Airport Monday after the pilot reported suspicious activity by a passenger and "the possibility of a bomb threat."

Delta Airlines said in a statement that a passenger was removed from the flight and questioned by local law enforcement authorities. The plane was met upon arrival by police and soldiers, and the police bomb squad went through the plane with sniffer dogs, who did not find anything suspicious.

The other passengers aboard Delta Flight 4345 were taken to an airport lounge after the plane landed as scheduled at the airport is located just outside Belize City, the Caribbean country's largest city.

"A passenger exhibited suspicious behavior that led the captain to report a potential security threat that turned out to be a non-issue," according to the Delta statement, which did not specify what the passenger did or said. "The flight landed safely, passengers exited the plane, and local law enforcement removed and questioned a passenger."

It was not immediately clear if the passenger had been detained or released.

Belize's Civil Aviation Authority said the plane's pilot reported "suspicious behavior of (a) passenger aboard the aircraft" to controllers about six minutes before the plane landed, including the "possibility of a bomb threat."

Belize, which border Guatemala and Mexico, is a popular vacation spot know for its clear waters, low-lying islands and pristine jungles.