Czech parliament compensates anti-Communists

AP News
Posted: Jul 20, 2011 8:10 AM
Czech parliament compensates anti-Communists

The Czech Parliament has approved legislation to honor and compensate members of the anti-communist movement.

The bill gives members of the anti-communist resistance 100,000 koruna ($5,780) each. The legislation also makes sure that state pensions to anti-communist activists cannot be lower than the average.

If signed by President Vaclav Klaus, the bill becomes symbolically effective law Nov 17. That day in 1989 a student protest kicked off the Velvet Revolution led by Vaclav Havel, which ended 41 years of communist rule in the former Czechoslovakia.

The upper house of Parliament approved the legislation in a 44-4 vote on Tuesday while the lower house gave the green light June 15.