A look at recent attacks in the Afghan capital

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Posted: Jun 18, 2011 9:05 AM
A look at recent attacks in the Afghan capital

A look at recent attacks in Afghanistan's capital:



_June 18: Insurgents wearing Afghan army uniforms storm a police station near the presidential palace and open fire on officers, killing nine.

_May 21: Suicide bomber wearing an Afghan soldier uniform slips inside the main military hospital in Kabul and kills six Afghan medical students.

_April 27: Veteran Afghan military pilot opens fire at Kabul airport, killing eight U.S. troops and an American civilian contractor.

_April 18: Suicide attacker sneaks past security at the Afghan Defense Ministry, killing two Afghan soldiers and fatally wounding an Afghan army officer.

_Feb. 14: Suicide bomber attacks Kabul's first Western-style shopping mall, killing two security guards at the entrance.

_Jan. 28: Suicide bomber attacks inside Western-style supermarket, killing eight.

_Jan. 12: Suicide bomber on a motorbike targets minibus carrying Afghan intelligence employees, killing at least two and wounding more than 30.



_Dec. 19: Two insurgents strapped with explosives ambush a bus carrying Afghan army officers to work, killing five and wounding nine.

_Nov. 12: Suicide attacker strikes American convoy, killing one civilian.

_Aug. 10: Two suicide bombers attack a private security company building, killing two company drivers.

_June 2: Insurgents fire rockets at site of national peace conference; Taliban fighters wearing suicide vests battle security forces at the site. Two militants killed, but none of the 1,500 people attending the conference was wounded.

_May 18: Taliban suicide bomber attacks NATO convoy, killing 18 people including five American troops and a Canadian soldier.

_April 19: Explosion at an Afghan National Army facility just outside the capital kills an American soldier.

_Feb. 26: Suicide attackers strike two residential hotels, killing 20 people, including seven Indians.

_Jan. 26: Suicide car bomber strikes a barrier outside a U.S. base in Kabul, wounding six Afghans and eight American troops.

_Jan. 18: Team of suicide bombers and gunmen target government buildings, leaving 12 dead, including seven attackers.