Zelaya criticizes Honduras govt for detaining ally

AP News
Posted: Jun 16, 2011 12:20 PM
Zelaya criticizes Honduras govt for detaining ally

Formerly exiled ex-Honduran President Manuel Zelaya is criticizing the country's current leader for allowing his ex-chief of staff to be prosecuted on corruption charges.

Zelaya says a judge's order to place Enrique Flores under house arrest violates the terms of an internationally brokered agreement that allowed him to return.

The ex-president tells The Associated Press in an email that he is asking President Porfirio Lobo to resolve the case.

Under the international accord, Honduran courts suspended all detention orders for Zelaya and his ex-functionaries, including Flores.

The government has not yet responded publicly.

Honduran newspapers have reported that Flores is accused of illegally soliciting $2 million from a bank while in office.