South Africa condemns NATO attacks on Libya

AP News
Posted: Jun 15, 2011 4:41 AM
South Africa condemns NATO attacks on Libya

South Africa's president has condemned NATO attacks on Libya in his harshest terms yet.

In a wide-ranging speech to parliament Tuesday, President Jacob Zuma said he had "spoken out against the misuse of" a U.N. Security Council resolution supported by Arab and African countries that authorized a no-fly zone over Libya and the use of force to protect civilians.

Zuma says, "We strongly believe that the resolution is being abused for regime change, political assassinations and foreign military occupation."

Zuma has tried to mediate a resolution to the Libyan conflict on behalf of the African Union. Libyan rebels have rejected the AU proposal for a cease-fire and talks, insisting Moammar Gadhafi must leave power before any negotiations can take place.