Paraguay's president says he could run again

AP News
Posted: Apr 26, 2011 5:50 PM
Paraguay's president says he could run again

President Fernando Lugo of Paraguay says he's open to running for re-election.

There are some snags, though. For one, the former Roman Catholic archbishop is battling lymphatic cancer. Also, a run would require changing the constitution's limit to a single 5-year term, and Lugo lacks the votes in Congress.

Still, Lugo said Tuesday that he hasn't accepted or discarded the idea of running again. He says that if popular support for another run comes _ in his words, "like a tsunami" _ he will ask his political team to study the possibility.

That's a reversal from what Lugo told The Associated Press after his election in 2008. He said then that he would retire to a life of reading and writing.

His current term ends in 2013.