UN agency expects little new radiation release

AP News
Posted: Apr 19, 2011 11:46 AM

A senior official at the U.N. nuclear agency is suggesting the worst may be over as far as radiation leaks at Japan's stricken reactor complex are concerned.

Denis Flory says he expects the total amount of radiation releases to be only a "small increase from what it is today" if "things go as foreseen." Flory, a deputy director general at the International Atomic Energy Agency, emphasized Tuesday that his forecast was based on an estimate of the situation.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. projected in a road map made public over the weekend that it would take up to nine months to reach a cold shutdown of its Fukushima Dai-ichi plant. But government officials acknowledge that setbacks could slow the timeline.

Flory told reporters the IAEA would work in a consultative role with Japan to help meet its road map targets and details of that role are being discussed.