Insurgents kill Afghan police official in north

AP News
Posted: Apr 08, 2011 10:00 AM
Insurgents kill Afghan police official in north

Insurgents gunned down a local police chief Friday in northern Afghanistan, where the Taliban has intensified attacks, especially against those aligned with the government.

Insurgents firing machine guns at police chief Daud Esiq Zai's patrol vehicle killed him and wounded one of his bodyguards, said Governor Sayed Anwar Rahmati of Sari Pul province.

"He was with his bodyguards in a vehicle patrolling," Rahmati said. "They fired machine guns at him from a long distance away and killed him."

Zai was police chief of Ghosfandi district.

Separately, NATO reported that a roadside bomb attack killed a coalition service member Thursday in the south. At least 106 NATO service members have been killed this year in Afghanistan.

Some Afghans in the north are putting up resistance to the Taliban.

On Thursday, hundreds of villagers in Sari Pul repelled a group of 40 Taliban fighters with stones, sticks, axes and shovels, according to provincial police chief Asadullah Shirzaid. Provincial police also clashed with the Taliban, killing one insurgent and wounding six others.

Shirzaid said the insurgents had repeatedly demanded food and money from villagers in Kariz, and when they came demanding sheep and money for ammunition, the villagers attacked them and called the provincial police.